We deliver high quality services
in three fields of operation.

Please choose our division of your interest.

Trade Business

Our job is to research, acquire and deliver
goods and services our Clients need.
We work as a trade agent on behalf of
our Clients and we cooperate directly
with suppliers, producers and manufacturers.
We specialize in trade without limitations
to precise category of goods. Commodities,
natural products, ecco food, industrial,
technical equipment and daily use items.
What you are looking for?
natural products: high quality eco, bio and agriculture
products, coffee, tea, grains, fruits, cereals, vegetables, oil,
rice, raisins, meat; sweets, corn, ready meals, drinks,
beverages, flour,
natural resources and products: metal ores, copper, gold,
silver, steel, coal, crude oil, construction timber, firewood,
diesel, gasoline, mazut;
renewable energy sources: energetic willow, pellets, peat
industrial products: machinery equipment: mining industry,
processing industry, automated production lines, robotics,
kitchen equipment, electronics, entertainment goods
construction: cement, lime, paints, plasters, house-warming,
everyday use products: cosmetics, laundry products,
cleaning products, home care products, hygiene products,
clothes, textiles
medical products: supplements, first aid kits and supplies,
medical equipment, hospital equipment, burn dressing,
ready to go field hospital facilities
transportation: delivery, ships, freight, insurance, containers,
stock wholesale, procedures FOB, CIF, friendly prices,
market research, letter of credit, performance bond
Unicorn Group is independent, creative agency.
Our team provides wide range advertising
and marketing services including campaign
strategy planning, graphic design, interactive
and digital work, event marketing and motion
picture production.
advertising campaigns, marketing communication
strategy, creative graphic design, Corporate Identity,
sales support materials, printing, presenters,
web design, web-mastering, content delivery,
advertising gadgets, consumer promotions,
language adaptations, Public Relations,
organization of mass events, conferences,
sport events, regatta races,
concerts, artistic and corporate venues,
objects illuminations, laser shows, stage equipment,
video clips, promotional clips, image and text animation,
3D design and rendering, video documentaries,
advertising spots, viral marketing, video recording,
post-production, special effects, background music (also
composing music), sound effects, aerial filming

Project Development

We are focusing on supporting our Clients
in growing their business by entering
new optimistic markets and branches.
We develop projects from idea to profits.
Our Clients benefit from becoming
more operationally efficient by taking off
the load which makes their current activity
challenging and restrains future plans.
business incubators and implementation:
- your idea, our execution
- our idea, our execution
tax optimization, setting up business, launching business
strategic planning, concept development,
company incorporation, legal services,
tax efficient solutions, corporate structuring,
due diligence, market research
We cooperate in sector:
real estate portfolio building - assets purchase
real estate profits - assets selling and renting
commercial retail projects
industrial and manufacturing facilities
international trade
investments in developing countries
recycling and ecological energy sources
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